Bringing the Craft of the brew to lovely Ohio City


Nano Brew Cleveland is a friendly neighborhood brewpub with 24 beers on draft both at the inside bar and at the lively outdoor Beer Garden Bar. Enjoy a freshly brewed beer from our 1 barrel brewhouse or any of the other local craft breweries we feature on draft. Brewmaster Andy Tveekrem brings over two decade of award-winning brewing experience to this small but mighty brewhouse to turn out adventurous and at times experimental brews. From one of a kind brews to recipes that might make it to full scale production at ourMarket Garden Brewery & Distillery just down the block, the lineup of beers will change daily.

We love to ride bicycles almost as much as we love to drink beer with family and friends, so we decided to collaborate with our neighbors Joy Machines Bike Shop on the Nano Brew Bike Tune-up Station inside the bar. All the bike tools you’ll need to get your two-wheeled steed back on the road are free to all. And there’s a drink rail to rest your brew while you work on your bicycle.

Our fun and simple food menu is sourced from local and often organic farmers and butchers. The free-range Ohio Beef burger patties are hand ground daily by Vince Bertononaschi at the historic West Side Market just down the block. Our fruits and vegetables come seasonally from local farmers including the Refugee Response volunteers at Ohio City Farm across the street from us.


About Us

Andy Tveekrem, Brewmaster


COLLEGE WAS GREAT.  It opened my mind to new ideas and formed me into the person I am today.  It also was where I really started thinking about beer.

WHY I LIKE COMING TO WORK EVERYDAY. I get to brew the kind of beer that I really enjoy and I get to work with an amazingly talented group of people.  It’s the best environment I’ve ever seen.

WHEN I’M NOT WORKING, I like spending time with Vickie, my wife and the love of my life.

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLEVELAND IS the history and buildings of the city.  The way we integrate that into our daily lives is always interesting, like the juxtaposition of heavy industry and natural beauty along the canal towpath trail.


I GREW UP IN Cleveland.

I DAYDREAMED OF touring with a rock band.

WHY CLEVELAND ROCKS. Home. Music, the Fryer, and family.

I’VE DISCOVERED my “Cleveland 2.0″, more of what I loved in the first place, and more…

WHY I LOVE COMING TO NANO. I get to do a ton of different things, but I mostly get to pursue my passion of cooking for people.

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLEVELAND IS it’s coming back, and finding its own new identity in the 21st century.

Fat Bob, Warehouse Manager


HOW I GOT MY NAME. Brew master Andy calls me ‘Fat Bob’ and it stuck… But I prefer the more formal ‘Plump Robert’.

WHY I CAME TO MARKET GARDEN BREWERY. Sam and Andy came to the Animal Rescue Center and I decided they need rescuing.  Trouble agreed with me and came too.

HOW DO I LIKE WAREHOUSE LIVING. Well, let me tell ya, that cage at the APL was pretty dinky compared to this place. Food’s better too!


 I GREW UP IN Cambodia & America.

MY FAVORITE MGB BEERS: I cannot choose. The first one I fell in love with was  the scotch ale–Wallace Tavern.


WHEN I’M NOT WORKING, I write books, garden, and ride a tandem bike with husband Mark Priemer.

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLEVELAND IS  It has world class restaurants, brewpubs, museums, musical venues, festivals, and theatres. World Class City!

Mark Priemer, Co-Founder

I GREW UP IN:    CLEVELAND, born & raised in my favorite city in the US !

WHY WE HAVE A GREAT TEAM. They care.  Whether it’s the first person greeting you at the door, the chefs preparing your from our scratch menu or the bartenders & servers saying goodnight to our last guests at 2:00 a.m.  We care.

WHEN I AM NOT WORKING  I love opening a Market Garden Brewery growler, sipping on one of our brew team’s elixir’s, and  working late into the night on a good excel spreadsheet.  We have great beers for every occasions.

Mike Foran, Co-Founder

I GREW UP IN Bay Village.

WHAT I DAYDREAMED ABOUT. Retiring from the Browns to become the President of the United States.

I’VE DISCOVERED I love beer more than politics.


IN TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, our children will read about a time where Cleveland was not internationally considered the #1 city in America.

AND WHEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT MGB, THEY’LL SAY how we helped to change that.


I GREW UP IN Mansfield, OH

WHERE I DAYDREAMED OF winning a Tony Award.

WHY I LOVE THE THEATRES. I made lifelong friends, learned respect for others and what it means to be prepared for any kind of unplanned situation. Creativity goes a long way.

TO SUM UP MY ROLE, I’D SAY I’M the one that says “Yes!” when you call us with any reason to have large groups of people join us for a couple beers and great food. Bar crawls to Rehearsal dinners… I am your guy!

IN TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, I will still be showing up to my friends’ doorsteps with ice cream and wine… My family may have grown and exciting opportunities may re-route my course, but I plan to always do what makes me happy.


Sam McNulty, Founder

I GREW UP IN Cleveland Heights.

WHERE I DAYDREAMED OF cycling, traveling and drinking good beer.

College WAS GREAT. I opened my first restaurant on the Cleveland State campus in my Junior year, and we had 5 local beers on draft.

SINCE THEN, I’VE DISCOVERED how awesome Cleveland is.  It’s a post-industrial frontier town with opportunity galore.  The food, beer scene, concerts, and people are awesome.

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLEVELAND IS the people.  There’s so much to love about this city: the lake, the cultural institutions, the accessibility, easy to get around, affordable.  But again, mostly it’s the friends and fun people.

Trouble, Warehouse Guardian

I GREW UP IN Ohio City

HOW I GOT MY NAME. I may have scratched Loung when she tried to pet me.

WHERE I USUALLY HANG OUT. Try to find me when you do a beer tour at Market Garden Brewery Production Facility. It’s my hood.

WHAT I ENJOY. I enjoy travel and singing.  I like exploring the alley out back whenever the door is open…there’s a squirrel out there who’s just asking for trouble. Hey, that’s me!

WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP.  I’d like to be a tour guide one of these days.